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Lost and Found (2019)

Pain separates us, everyone has a story, time heals us. These three ideas reveal what lies at the heart of Lost and Found, a film about love lost, the many different perspectives people bring to an event, the ties that bind, forgiveness, and what defines family. The film revolves around the final week of the move out from the Garbus family’s home in Manhasset, New York. The reason for the move out is that Leland Garbus and Claudia Marra are separating after thirty years of marriage. Their son, director Andrew Garbus, sets out to document the move out, hoping to discover, along with his family, where they once were and how they evolved to the point where they are at the move out. The film however, is much more than just this simple story of two parents divorcing.  

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The film also examines Andrew’s life and while the film begins as exploration of his parent’s relationship with one another and it’s disintegration, it also increasingly turns to an exploration of Andrew, his relationship to his parents, his and his parents struggles with his own mood disorder and how he is using the film as a process to cope with this ending of an era in his life. The film also follows his relationship with filmmaking, something that we learn developed at a very young age, and follows it through to the making of the documentary. Andrew uses filmmaking as a means of coping with emotional issues and exploring events or questions that are pressing him in his life. This is shown both in interviews referring back to his past work, as well as in the unfolding of the documentary. As decades of tensions mount and the shoot begins to spiral out of control, the family must manage to come together somehow, in order to successfully move out of their house, finish the film, and perhaps come to some level of reconciliation amidst the chaos and turmoil of the moment, as they prepare to turn the page and enter a new chapter of their lives. 

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