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While staring at a blank page can be absolutely terrifying, I love filling them up. Constructing narrative structures, character arcs, and writing dialogue, to me, is what I imagine what writing music is like to a composer. I’ve done script coverage for a finance and production company in Los Angeles, adapted to books to treatments for production companies, written short scripts for my personal projects, a commercial, and am currently working on a feature length coming of age sports comedy. Whatever your writing need may be, I’d love to be a part of your process and assist your project in whatever way I can. 


To view any of the projects, please click on their title (except for Untitled Coming of Age Sports Comedy and Silverado).

Silverado (Working Title. Short. Currently being written)

Untitled Coming of Age Sports Comedy (Feature. Currently being written)

Lost and Found (Currently in post-production)

Julian Marley Juju Royal: Upliftment (2015)

A Song For Danny (2015)

SOL (2014)

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