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I’ve directed several short films, commercials, many of which have played at film festivals across the country. SOL, a short doc about my father coming to terms with my grandfather’s battle with Alzheimer’s, was an Official Selection at Dallas VideoFest 25, INDIE FEST USA 2015, The Mosaic Film Experience 2015, and NewFilmmakers New York 2015. My thesis film, A Song For Danny, premiered at Dallas Video Fest27, and New Filmmaker’s New York 2016. I'm also currently in post-production on my feature directorial debut, the documentary Lost and Found.


Filmmaking for me is all based on feeling and psychology. What I mean by this is that when I begin a project, I see an image in my head and then I translate that vision onto paper, first in script form and then in a storyboard. When it’s in storyboard form I then further contemplate what a given image is conveying to the viewer about a particular scene and how that piece fits into the whole of both the scene and the broader film. Different angles, movements, lighting conditions, and pacing all contribute to the storytelling of any given the scene with regards to both information and emotion. When I direct, I have a clear idea of what I want and the influences behind my vision. I am also however, very open to collaborating with others and sharing ideas to achieve the best possible outcome. A director is not the sole vision of a film. A film takes a lot of talented people coming together and contributing ideas. Collaboration is also a large part of the fun of filmmaking. People bouncing ideas off one another and refining the vision helping it grow and develop even while remaining true to its core massage.

Directing Works:

To view any of the projects, please click on their title.

Feature Films:

Lost and Found (Currently in Post-Production)


Julian Marley Juju Royal: Upliftment (2015)

Short Films:

A Song For Danny (2015)

SOL (2014)

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