Editing, to me, is the most unique part of the art form that is film. No other artistic medium has the incredible ability to juxtapose images to tell a story and create emotions. I’ve worked in various different capacities in post-production over many years. I’ve worked as an intern in post-production facilities in New York and Lost Angeles. I’ve assistant edited many commercials and videos for companies such as Google and the NHL, and documentaries that have gone on to play at major film festivals across the country including Tribeca and SXSW. I’ve also served as an editor on several short films (both narrative and documentary), commercials, and am currently editing my first feature length film (Lost and Found). While at the University of Texas at Austin I was hired as a student proctor. During this time I helped students troubleshoot many technical difficulties that arose while they were using Avid, Premiere, DaVinci Resolve, and ProTools.


As with anything I do in filmmaking, I try to bring my knowledge from my various experiences across many different facets of film production into my editing, and vice versa. As an editor I use my knowledge as a writer to help construct cohesive narrative structures. I use my knowledge as a director to intuitively understand the best way to visually represent these narrative structures and to evoke the best emotion for that particular project. Even as a colorist, I help provide basic color corrections and help to consult on what can be done to a shot visually to clean it up and help make it work even better within the course of an edit. Also with my background in troubleshooting technical issues from UT Austin, I’m a pretty handy guy to have around for any technical issues that invariably pop up from time to time during an edit. 


Editing is not only the most unique part of the filmmaking process for me, it’s both the one where the project truly comes alive and one of the most creatively collaborative aspects of the process as well. I will work with you as best as possible to help you piece together your puzzle, achieve your vision, and ultimately tell the story you want the world to see.