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I’ve been color correcting for over five years now, and have gotten to work on a variety of projects (from short films to feature length documentaries). For each project I try to bring the same collaborative and artistic approach that I bring to any other aspect of the filmmaking process. Using DaVinci Resolve Studio, I work with the client to achieve a specific look that best evokes the feeling they want to convey with their project. Sometimes a client comes with a specific example of what they want their film to look like. Sometimes we brainstorm and come up with a look on the spot. In either case, I make coloring a highly collaborative process and one that is enjoyable for all concerned. 

Coloring Works:

To view any of the projects, please click on their titles.

Feature Films:

Brewmaster (2018)

Short Films:

Biters (2020)

Mosca (2016)

Barrow (2016)

Down x Out (2016)

A Song For Danny (2015)

SOL (2014)

Colors of The Night (2014)


Julian Marley Juju Royal: Upliftment (2015)

Music Videos:

Magna Carda: Juice+Alive (2014)

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